Love Inside Out is a fabulous new company with products that are not only environmentally friendly, but smell wonderful and do their job. I LOVE the all the body products so much, I bought a stash to give as gifts and the hair care products are better than anything else out there. The conditioner doesn't weigh your hair down and the "Love That Shines" is absolutely unbelievable. All of the products are addictive, FRESH, and each product name is so FUN!!!!! Cathy M., Dallas, TX

I am in love with my own hair! Thanks to Synneve and her incredible new Daily Love Shampoo and Deep Love Conditioner. My hair is shiny, healthy and beautiful! The shampoo smells like the tropical islands and the peppermint conditioner is a treat for my head and my soul! I won.t use anything else! I'm hooked! Sheri M., Maui, Denver & London

Love the product, Untangled Love, it doesn.t make my hands all sticky gooey like the other stuff, and it holds the natural curl very well. Amber P., Paia, HI

I finally found a shampoo that works for my hair and look forward to washing it instead of dreading it. I love the smell of the body products and never feel dried out like soap does to my skin. I honestly take more showers to feel pampered all the time. Jenn H., Paia, HI

I have loved your products. Just from a few weeks of using the shampoo, conditioner and miraculous hair putty, my hair is in great condition! Carolyn S., Dallas, TX

My skinny-haired little girls are crazy about the UNTANGLED LOVE leave-in conditioner. They say it "smells soooooo yummy!" And just a spritz or two makes their morning tangles disappear and it doesn't build up, even after many days of use. Everyone is happy! Shamaine C., Des Moines, IA

We love Untangled Love, it works well on curly hair really nice, leaving it feeling soft not crunchy. I have learned the product is very concentrated so believe me less is more. The price structure is right on target which makes it easy to market to clients. I really like the Supportive Love hair spray for working with curly hair too. Big Love can't be beat as a spray gel to add volume and shine. I love the smell of Love that Shines. I mostly use it on wet hair to help remove tangles. Love, Lucinda C. Dallas, TX

My Love Inside Out products have taken over my dressing table. I even threw out some old hair products because I am now completely sold on these. They look so pretty and they are making me look so pretty. I found that the products recommended for me were just right and I appreciate getting advice, not a hard sell. Everyone's hair is different. I also love the candles and the body lotion. I think I am going to give the candles for birthday and Christmas gifts. Kathy L. Dallas, TX

I have difficult hair. Untangled Love leave-in conditioner keeps my very curly hair from looking like "The Bride of Frankenstein." It gives it body AND control. Thanks, Love Inside Out! Stephanie C., Dallas, TX

I absolutely love the new Love Inside Out products! The Daily Love Shampoo is so gentle and does not dry my hair out, even using it every day or twice a day! The leave-in conditioner is the best, for it is not too heavy and does not weigh my fine hair down. In fact it gives my hair the bounce it needs. I always feel as though I am really loving my hair and me, when I use these products! Sandra N., Gig Harbor, WA

I love all of "Love Inside Out" products. I have rather thin hair and I have tried a lot of other products in the past years being rather unsuccessful in finding the right one. I was mega stoked with the result the first time I tried Love Inside Out. Love Inside Out smells good, is awesome for the hair and makes my hair look more voluminous than ever - I love it! Julia S., Haiku, HI

Love, love, love the body lotion! The scent is fresh and the lotion is the perfect consistency (especially for here on Maui). Not too heavy, but still moisturizing - I love the refreshing mint smell of the Clearly Love shampoo; it keeps my hair feeling clean all day long. Natalie L., Lahaina, HI

She changes my thinking!! I have had the good fortune of having Synneve style my hair many times over the years and I always walk away feeling beautiful! Now with this product line, I have the opportunity to be inspired daily by her advice and her focus on loving myself Inside and Out. Jane T., Austin, TX

I LOVE "Big Love"! I have always wondered what my hairdresser sprays in my hair before he blows it dry and how he can style my hair without making it stiff with hairspray afterwards. This has been a hairdresser's secret until now. Thank you Love Inside Out!!! Ashley L., Dallas, TX

I love your Love Inside Out products. I especially like the Clearly Love, Clarifying Shampoo and Gentle Love, daily conditioner as they leave hair so soft, shiny and easy to manage. I also enjoy using Showered with Love, Shower Gel and Love to Scrub, Gentle Body Scrub as these two products leave one's skin feel silky and smooth. Loving It, body lotion, is a wonderful light, non-sticky lotion, which leaves skin so soft and smooth. Thank you for these and other products you have introduced. Leila T., Austin, TX

I have fine hair and finding a shampoo that gives my hair volume and body without making it heavy is a challenge. The Daily Love shampoo works wonderfully. I can use it daily and my hair looks great! Julie G., Paia, HI

Big Love: This styling spray works great for my thin, straight hair. It gives me the body and texture I need to style it with a blow dryer and doesn't get too stiff. I like the stray application too. Cari K., Dallas, TX

Daily Love - It does make my hair feel VERY healthy and strong. I would say definitely great for people with fine hair that need to wash every day. Refreshing Love - perfect conditioner for fine hair, without weighing it done. With extra shine! I use in conjunction with Daily Love. Big Love - Again, great for fine hair. Adds the texture I need along with extra body. Kerstin F., Richardson, TX

I Love It! No better way to love yourself than to use LOVE Inside Out products! Stacy B., Wailuku, HI

The CLEARLY LOVE shampoo is fantastic, leaving my skinny, lifeless hair full of volume all day. The BIG LOVE spray and UNTANGLED LOVE leave-in conditioner gives my fine hair volume and control while somehow, miraculously, leaving my daughter's thicker, wavy hair with a healthy shine when she straightens it or with beautiful, effortless curls when she just lets it dry naturally. Our conversion to the whole Love Inside Out line is a family affair, Even my husband, who usually has no opinion on such things, doesn't want to wash his hair with anything but his NOURISHING LOVE. He just ordered more last night without my knowledge or prompting.