Inspiration to live by
Love Inside and Out
  1. Give yourself Daily Love. Do at least one special thing for yourself every day.
  2. You can't give what you don't have. You must Clearly Love yourself first before you can love anything else.
  3. Don't take yourself so seriously and have Fun Love. Laughter and playfulness are an essential part of a happy life.
  4. Feed your mind Nourishing Love. Positive thoughts create a positive outlook and future.
  5. Practice the art of gratitude. Always notice your blessings, be grateful, and you will have Joyful Love in your life.
  6. Find Inspiring Love for yourself. Discover what makes you happy and pursue your passions.
  7. Have Protective Love for yourself. Release any thing and anyone that is unhealthy for you.
  8. Give yourself Lots of Love. If you have a self-deprecating thought, think of at least two things you like about yourself.
  9. Nurture yourself with Pure Love. Spend time in nature and connect with Mother Earth. Be good to her and soak up all she has to offer.
  10. You'll be Loving It if you practice being in the present moment and unattached.
  11. Feel the Love as you care for yourself. Use the time during your self care routine to consciously love yourself and think about things that make you happy.
  12. Practice Compassionate Love for yourself and others. Be understanding and have patience with yourself and everyone around you.
  13. Exercise your right to have Strong Love for yourself. Eating nutritious foods and exercising often are important for maintaining a healthy mind and body. It's good for your hair too.
  14. Once you have found Peace & Love for yourself, spread it to others. This is the key to a better world.