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Do you find it difficult to manage stress? Is it hard to make time for it all? Do you want more money? Do you lack direction in your life? Are you unfilled by your job or career? Professional Lifestyle Coaching with Synneve Andrena can help you create the life that you want and live up to your highest potential.

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Synneve Andrena, Certified Life Coach Practitioner

What is professional Lifestyle Coaching?

Professional Lifestyle Coaching helps people design their lives to achieve greater success and happiness. It is solutions-focused and there are many benefits of professional Lifestyle Coaching. Lifestyle Coaching provides clarity and awareness, while helping clients focus on what they want, define goals, and take action to create their desired outcomes. Professional Lifestyle Coaching not only helps clients define and reach their goals, it provides tools and techniques for confronting life’s challenges. It is future-oriented and assists people in breaking through their self-imposed limitations to achieve extraordinary results both personally and professionally. Using self-discovery and empowerment strategies, professional Lifestyle Coaching encourages learning, increases performance, and improves quality of life.

Professional Lifestyle Coaching is different from counseling, mentoring, and consulting. It helps clients change their lives and create their future rather than trying to clean up and complete old issues. Lifestyle coaching is a whole-person approach and allows clients to discover their own answers instead of training or dictating to them. Through the Lifestyle Coaching process, clients are guided to evaluate their present life conditions and create a more desirable future.

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