Environmental Impact

Love Inside Out is green. We aim to take steps throughout our business practices to have as little negative impact as possible on our environment. Here are some simple changes we can all make in consideration of our planet:

Cut down paper usage. Use both sides of the paper when printing.

Communicate and store data electronically whenever possible.

Use recycled materials.

Limit use of paper goods.

Turn off lights and electronics when not in use.

Use compact fluorescent light bulbs to lower our energy consumption.

Buy in bulk to reduce packaging waste.

Use organic ingredients when feasible.

Be mindful of transportation, keep it to a minimum and use the most energy efficient vehicles possible.

Maintain vehicles and frequently check tire pressure for fuel efficiency and to reduce emissions.

Use solar panels and green power when available.

Use environmentally safe cleaning products.

Use air conditioning and fans when absolutely necessary and place them on the most efficient settings when in use.

Keep computers in energy saving mode when not in use.

Reduce wasted electricity by unplugging all electronics and chargers when not in use, especially those with internal clocks and remote controls.

Take yourself off mailing lists to limit junk mail and wasted paper products.

Participate in paperless billing when available.

Plant a garden and grow your own food. Planting in pots is a great way to have a garden if you have limited time and space.

Consider energy efficient appliances and vehicles when making new purchases.

Consider allowing employees to telecommute from home whenever possible.

Support businesses and organizations that are environmentally conscious and actively taking steps to become carbon neutral.

Keep up with latest news and information concerning the environment.

Join local and international movements to reduce global warming.

Always put the environment first. Reduce and recycle whenever possible.